NEW Project APPROVED: Enterprise Products Sea Port Oil Terminal is (SPOT) ON!

November 27, 2022

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Enterprise Products SPOT Sea Port Oil Terminal Back ON

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This Project Has been Quietly Approved by Biden Administration

In the” BEST Interest for Employment, Economic Growth, and Energy Infrastructure Resilience & Security” Enterprise Products has been approved by Department of Transportation for the SPOT Project – Sea Port Oil Terminal – A new kind of oil export terminal that 30 Miles South of Freeport, Texas soon could be floating in the Gulf of Mexico loading VLCCs after federal regulators gave approved the project on November 22, 2022.

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Enterprise Products SPOT Terminal to be 30 Miles South of Freeport

The federal Maritime Administration made a determination Monday regarding a license for the deepwater Sea Port Oil Terminal, or SPOT, proposed by pipeline giant Enterprise Products Partners to accommodate for VLCC’s (Very Large Crude Carriers) that cannot enter the shallow ports in the Gulf Coast. Traditional ports in Texas, with their shallow channels, cannot accommodate the VLCC’s (Very Large Crude Carriers) when fully loaded with oil. So they’re partially loaded at close-in docks and topped off in deeper waters by another vessel in an expensive process that can take as long as 10 days. SPOT and other projects like it could cut oil transportation costs substantially.

The port would be anchored about 30 miles south of Freeport. A pipeline would move crude from Enterprise’s pipeline network in Houston to Surfside, where it would cut under the beach before heading offshore. The administration’s decision clears the way for the project to receive its license to build.

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Summary Below – Related to PROJECT/Construction: 

Conclusion: Page 89, 90 

3. “The construction and operation of the Port is in the national interest because the Project will benefit employment, economic growth, and U.S. energy infrastructure resilience and security. The Port will provide a reliable source of crude oil to U.S. ALLIES in the event of market disruption and have a minimal impact on the availability and cost of crude oil in the U.S. domestic market. Construction and operation of an offshore export terminal and the installation of a vapor combustion system at the DWP will reduce the number of ship-to-ship transfers of crude oil and lessen emissions from conventional crude oil loading, thus providing a more efficient, less impactful crude oil transport facility within the offshore waters of the United States.

5. The Project will be constructed and operated using the best available technology. Operating safety and control features of the Project will include autonomous shutdown valves, HIPPs, fire and gas detection, emergency shutdown and safety controls, and process control systems. The Applicant will install three vapor combustion units, two permanent and one portable, at the proposed Oyster Creek Terminal to eliminate VOC vapors emitted during storage tank filling, maintenance, and inspection activities. The vapor combustion units would be capable of eliminating more than 99 percent of the VOCs. Additionally, the storage tanks at the proposed Oyster Creek Terminal incorporate a floating roof, which is used as an emissions control device. The Applicant will also install a vapor combustion system at the DWP to collect and eliminate the VOC vapors displaced during the loading of the VLCCs or other crude oil carriers at the DWP. The vapor combustion system will eliminate 95% or more of the VOCs to be emitted during the loading process. The conditions provided above will require monitoring of the vapor combustion system to ensure effectiveness as projected. These measures, described above, are considered the best available technology for this Port.”

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