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May 19, 2024
Pipeline Pigging Integrity

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Rex Industrial Scraper Sled System for Cleaning Pigs-Contact sales@rexindustrial.com

“Pigging” is an important part of regular pipeline maintenance that improves performance & reduces incidents. Using the Rex Scraper Sled System makes the process quicker, safer, & more routine. Launcher, Receiver, or Bi-directional barrel? No problem. We will work with you to design the right tool for the job. Rex Scrapper Sled System comes with sled, rails, supports, winch, ram rod, and associated foundations.

Pipeline Integrity Pig Launcher and Receivers


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From design to delivery executed by experienced professionals. Laser Scanning & 3D Modeling
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Innovative products designed and tested for demanding conditions. Scraper Sled System
Modular Guardrail System Pre-Engineered Access Structures Trench Retrieval System
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Technology enabled software for the industry by the industry. Design-Build Software
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Pipeline Pigging

ABOUT REX Industrial
Rex Industrial, LLC (Rex) has been in operation since 2018. We set ourselves apart by providing expert design, engineering, and procurement services and using innovation to lower lead-times and prices for clients in industrial markets. From custom structure design applications to proprietary pipeline products, we deliver exceptional results. Join dozens of companies that have benefited from the Rex Experience!
Use Rex Industrial as your D.E.P. provider to meet budget and schedule on Small-Cap & Maintenance projects. It starts by working together to get a clear picture of the project’s goals and risks. This serves as the basis for a firm quote for products and services.
A single quote can cover survey, design, engineering, project management, purchased items, and fabricated materials. Having costs and schedule upfront leads to better decision making and drastically reduces internal coordination costs. Is the project too complex to know everything upfront? It can be executed in 2 Phases for more clarity.
We are staffed with experienced industry professionals and provide project management to communicate and maintain the schedule. Delivery of items are closely coordinated to ensure receival goes smoothly.
Our typical approach is to work with the In-Plant Contractor, but we have several trusted partners to provide a turnkey service.

For More Info or to Get a Quote, visit www.REXIndustrial.com or click below

Pipeline Pigging

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