2021 Bolting Symposium in Galveston (In Person & Virtual)Limited VIP Tickets for Owner/Operators

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We’re offering a VIP invite to owners and end users to attend our 2021 Bolting Symposium in Galveston. 

The event takes place January 5th, & 6th at Moody Gardens Hotel and Conference Center – and will be streamed online for a private audience.  Each year, the Symposium brings together more than 50 hand-selected sites, who share pages from their playbook that will improve your bottom line. 

 You’ll also get a first look at new R and D shaping the industry. 

 To reserve your spot for the in-person or online event, email Brian Sabin at BRIAN@HexTechnology.com or Email Ops@MidstreamCalendar.com

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton



Scott Hamilton entered the bolting industry in 2005, joining a small torque wrench distributing company. Working his way up to Director of Technical Services, he recognized that the bolting industry lacked practical, applicable knowledge on many levels. Consequently, he spent nearly the next 10 years studying bolted flange joints and trained and wrote procedures for some of the petrochemical industries’ largest, most influential companies.

During that time, Mr. Hamilton specialized in implementing leak prevention bolting solutions for industrial plants, by way of equipment, procedures and training, services and torque equipment calibration. This work helped mitigate the risk of leak-related fires and fugitive emission releases, while providing major refiners and chemical plants with a solid, consistent protocol for their operating units.

Mr. Hamilton’s accomplishments include:

  • Advisor and member of the ASME Post Code Construction One (ASME PCC-1) subcommittee on bolted flange joints
  • Contributing member of the ASME Pressure Vessel Research Council – Sealing Reliability Committee (ASME PVRC-SRC)
  • Certified QBS (Qualified Bolting Specialist) by both ASME and IJAQ
  • QBS  Instructor sponsored by IJAQ (International Joint Assembler Qualification)
  • Completed ASME 5-day course on Bolted Flanged Joints
  • Internationally published on multiple occasions