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About CERAWeek 2022

For forty years, CERAWeek has been providing an integrated framework for understanding what’s ahead for global energy markets, geopolitics, and technology. Participants include senior executives, government officials, thought leaders, academics, technology innovators and financial leaders.​

Our Mission

CERAWeek brings together global leaders to advance new ideas, insight and solutions to the biggest challenges facing the future of energy, the environment, and climate. Now in its 40th year, CERAWeek is widely considered to be the most prestigious annual gathering of CEOs and Ministers from global energy and utilities, as well as automotive, manufacturing, policy and financial communities, along with a growing presence of tech. It has been described by the Financial Times as the ‘the Davos of energy,’ and by Politico as the “industry’s Super Bowl.” CNBC called it “the world’s preeminent energy conference.” CERAWeek was rated one of the top five overall “corporate leader” conferences in the world.​

Monday March, 7

09:00am – 09:30am (CST) Welcome Remarks and Special Dialogue
09:30am – 09:55am (CST) Global Energy Markets
09:55am – 10:20am (CST) Energy and Financial Transitions
10:20am – 10:50am (CST) Reinventing Energy
10:50am – 11:15am (CST) Leadership Dialogue
11:30am – 12:45pm (CST) Luncheon and Dialogue
12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST) Decarbonizing Industry: Critical technologies for energy transition
12:55pm – 01:35pm (CST) Plenaries
How Quickly Will the Fuel Mix Change? 12:55pm – 01:35pm (CST)
Mapping the Capital Transition 12:55pm – 01:35pm (CST)
01:00pm – 01:50pm (CST) Agora Studios
Shifting Strategies in CCS: Implementing the “Hub” concept 01:00pm – 01:50pm (CST)
Sustainable Transport: Growing biofuels and green fuels production 01:00pm – 01:50pm (CST)
01:40pm – 02:20pm (CST) Plenaries
How Governments and Businesses Align on Net Zero 01:40pm – 02:20pm (CST)
The Quest for Clean Energy: Will hydrogen deliver? 01:40pm – 02:20pm (CST)
02:25pm – 03:05pm (CST) Plenaries
Energy Industry Post-COP 26: From what to how? 02:25pm – 03:05pm (CST)
Speeding Up Net Zero Policies in Transportations? 02:25pm – 03:05pm (CST)
03:00pm – 03:50pm (CST) Direct Air Capture: What will it take to scale up enough?
03:10pm – 03:50pm (CST) Plenaries
How Will Digital Technologies Accelerate the Pace of Transition? 03:10pm – 03:50pm (CST)
ESG Regulations: What’s new? 03:10pm – 03:50pm (CST)
04:00pm – 04:50pm (CST) Agora Studios
How the SPAC Frenzy Is Covering the Check for the Clean Energy Transition 04:00pm – 04:50pm
AI in the Oil and Gas Production Process: Pathway to greater efficiency 04:00pm – 04:50pm (CST)
04:05pm – 04:45pm (CST) How to Deliver a Just Transition?
04:45pm – 05:25pm (CST) Geopolitics: World in turmoil
05:25pm – 05:50pm (CST) Special Dialogue

07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST) Insight Dinners
The Post-Coronavirus Economy 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)
ESG Metrics: Getting to Net Zero 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)
The Era of Advantaged Petroleum 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)
Supply Chains of a Net Zero Future 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)
US Energy Policy and the Climate Opportunity 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)
Industry’s Response to the Great Resignation 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)
Financing the Transition 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)
Carbon Border Taxes: Prospects and implications 07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST)

Tuesday March, 8

07:30am – 08:20am (CST) Government Funding and Subsidies: Can innovation funding take advantage?
07:30am – 08:40am (CST) Strategic Dialogues
Africa’s Upstream: Where will the gas go? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Balancing Act: Latin American Oil and Gas Future? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Middle East Oil and Geopolitics 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
NOCs: Changing Strategies for the Future 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
EVs moving into the Fast Lane: What’s the impact on oil? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Next-gen Biofuels: What’s the potential? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Is Green Hydrogen in the Refining Future? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Are Low-carbon Fuel Standards Delivering? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Scaling-up Carbon Sequestration: CCUS Hubs 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
08:30am – 09:20am (CST) Agora Studios
Evolution of Robotic Technologies in Energy Systems 08:30am – 09:20am (CST)
The Realities Surrounding the Electric Car: Lifespan of current traditional vehicles 08:30am – 09:20am
08:50am – 09:15am (CST) Leadership Dialogue
09:15am – 09:45am (CST) Integrated Energy Strategies for the Future
09:30am – 10:20am (CST) Agora Studios
Cities Leading the Way: Climate challenges facing mayors and local governments 09:30am – 10:20am
Growth and Success of Blockchain in Oil and Gas Supply Chains 09:30am – 10:20am (CST)
09:45am – 10:15am (CST) Company Strategies for a Low-carbon Future
10:15am – 10:55am (CST) New Business Strategies for Net Zero
10:30am – 11:20am (CST) Agora Studios
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Achieving Net-Zero Through CCS and Biomass Fuels: Wood, crops, manure 10:30am – 11:20am
New Business Models for Bringing Climate: Tech solutions to scale 10:30am – 11:20am (CST)
10:55am – 11:25am (CST) Future of the Oil and Gas Industry
11:25am – 11:55am (CST) Pathways for Industrial Transformation
11:30am – 12:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Scientific Achievements: Role of National Labs in advancing energy transition 11:30am – 12:20pm
Diversity in Energy Innovation: Inclusive executive roles 11:30am – 12:20pm (CST)
12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST) Strategic Dialogues
Article 6 Post-COP: Will it accelerate clean investments? 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
Financing North American Supply 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
How Is the Capital Transition Changing the Energy Business? 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
Oil and the Energy Transition: Turbulence tomorrow? 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
OIl and Gas Company Models for the Future 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
The New Geography of Oil and Gas Production 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
Reimagining the Oil Field: The impact of technology 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
Carbon Offsets: Taking off? 12:10pm – 01:00pm (CST)
12:30pm – 01:20pm (CST) Is Hydrogen a Viable Long-duration Storage Solution?
01:10pm – 02:25pm (CST) Luncheon and Dialogue
01:30pm – 02:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Innovations in Clean Tech Financing: Are investors ready and willing?? 01:30pm – 02:20pm (CST)
Opportunities in Geothermal Energy for Oil and Gas Producers 01:30pm – 02:20pm (CST)
02:30pm – 03:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Journey to the Edge: The need for critical real-time processing 02:30pm – 03:20pm (CST)
Competing for Young Talent in a World of Energy Transition 02:30pm – 03:20pm (CST)
02:35pm – 03:15pm (CST) Plenaries
The Refinery of the Future 02:35pm – 03:15pm (CST)
Energy Transitions in the Developing World 02:35pm – 03:15pm (CST)
03:20pm – 04:00pm (CST) Plenaries
Sustainability and Circularity: The changing world of petrochemicals 03:20pm – 04:00pm (CST)
How Is the Upstream Industry Responding to the Energy Transition? 03:20pm – 04:00pm (CST)
03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Hydrogen Production Costs: What’s on the other side of the rainbow? 03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST)
Methane Measurement and Verification 03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST)
04:00pm – 04:35pm (CST) Plenaries
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Do We Have Technologies to Get to Net Zero 04:00pm – 04:35pm (CST)
The Evolving E and P Business Model 04:00pm – 04:35pm (CST)
04:30pm – 05:20pm (CST) Digital Twins: From hype to gamechanger technology?
04:40pm – 05:20pm (CST) Plenaries
Opportunities for Oil and Gas Producers 04:40pm – 05:20pm (CST)
Carbon Management Strategies: New business models 04:40pm – 05:20pm (CST)
05:25pm – 06:00pm (CST) Gas, Energy Security and the Energy Transition in Europe
06:00pm – 06:30pm (CST) Energy and Policy Dialogue
07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST) Dinner and Dialogue

Wednesday March, 9

07:30am – 08:40am (CST) Strategic Dialogues
Coal and Gas: Supply gap for power generation 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Asia Gas Market Liberalization: Speed versus stability 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Can Gas Compete in Latin America? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Role of Gas in Decarbonization 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Hydrogen and Renewable Gas: How competitive and when? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Battery Supply Chain: Meeting the electrification challenge 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
The Green Premium: New instruments for sustainable finance 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Energy Industry 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
07:30am – 08:20am (CST) Advancements in Wind Technology: Making offshore more efficient
08:30am – 09:20am (CST) Consumer Behavior and Electric Vehicles
08:50am – 09:15am (CST) Special Dialogue
09:15am – 09:45am (CST) The Energy Industry of the Future
09:30am – 10:20am (CST) Agora Studios
Bringing Electricity to Underserved Populations 09:30am – 10:20am (CST)
Better Farming Through Soil Carbon Sequestration 09:30am – 10:20am (CST)
09:45am – 10:15am (CST) Future of Global Gas
10:15am – 10:45am (CST) What’s Ahead for COP 27 and 28?
10:30am – 11:20am (CST) Agora Studios
Transporting Hydrogen: How mobile is it? 10:30am – 11:20am (CST)
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Will EV Charging Infrastructure Investment Fit the Need? 10:30am – 11:20am (CST)
10:45am – 11:15am (CST) Energy Networks: Connecting markets and diversifying supply
11:15am – 11:45am (CST) Energy Transition: Smooth or turbulent?
11:30am – 12:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Applying AI to Built Environment: Maximizing efficiency, costs and emissions 11:30am – 12:20pm
Agriculture and Energy: Food versus fuel 11:30am – 12:20pm (CST)
12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST) Strategic Dialogues
India’s Energy Future: Multiple transitions 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
North American Gas Markets: What lies ahead? 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
New Configurations: America’s gas and power in net zero 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
European Gas Markets in Turmoil 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
Global LNG: Where in the cycle? 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
Moving Hydrogen to Markets: Repurposing gas infrastructure 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
Funding Future Oil and Gas Supply: Preemptive underinvestment? 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
GHG Emissions: The new competition 12:00pm – 12:50pm (CST)
12:30pm – 01:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Reliability of the Electricity Grid: Grid planning and operations 12:30pm – 01:20pm (CST)
Carbon Removal Technologies: Which will win the race? 12:30pm – 01:20pm (CST)
01:05pm – 02:20pm (CST) Luncheon and Keynote Address
01:30pm – 02:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
View from the Ivory Tower: Role of universities in advancing decarbonization technologies 01:30pm –
02:20pm (CST)
Role of Water in the Energy Ecosystem: A blue revolution? 01:30pm – 02:20pm (CST)
Everyone in the Pool: Community-based and crowd-sourced financing 01:30pm – 02:20pm (CST)
02:30pm – 03:20pm (CST) Green Hydrogen: Renewable power, electrolyzer technology and storage
02:30pm – 03:10pm (CST) Plenaries
Innovation and the Future of LNG 02:30pm – 03:10pm (CST)
Delivering on the Methane Pledge 02:30pm – 03:10pm (CST)
03:15pm – 03:55pm (CST) Plenaries
Hard to Abate Sectors: Role of hydrogen and CCUS 03:15pm – 03:55pm (CST)
New Energy Alliances: Growing markets, developing supply 03:15pm – 03:55pm (CST)
03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Breakthroughs in Nature-based Solutions: Afforestation and reforestation 03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST)
Addressing Safety Concerns in CCS: Leaks, ruptures and blowouts 03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST)
04:00pm – 04:40pm (CST) Plenaries
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Africa’s New Energy Future 04:00pm – 04:40pm (CST)
North America Shale: Keeping the balance 04:00pm – 04:40pm (CST)
04:30pm – 05:20pm (CST) Scaling New Energy Minerals: Supply chains and technologies
04:45pm – 05:20pm (CST) Global Gas Markets: Meeting the challenge
05:20pm – 05:55pm (CST) Building Tomorrow’s Energy Infrastructure
07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST) Women in Energy Dinner

Thursday March, 10

07:30am – 08:40am (CST) Strategic Dialogues
Asia’s Power Challenge: Decarbonizing economic growth 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Africa: Power to the people 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Reshaping Latin American Power Markets 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Repowering Texas’ Energy Future 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Distributed Energy: Balancing flexibility, reliability and resilience 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
CCUS in Emerging Markets 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Connecting Renewables to the Grid 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Solar and Wind Supply Chain Disruptions: Increasing costs? 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
Aftershock: Financing the European Energy Transition 07:30am – 08:40am (CST)
08:30am – 09:20am (CST) Agora Studios
How Sustainable Finance Helps Drive Growth in Funding Innovation 08:30am – 09:20am (CST)
Growing Power Infrastructure: Electrification of cities and public transport 08:30am – 09:20am (CST)
Energy Innovation Pioneers 08:30am – 09:20am (CST)
08:50am – 09:15am (CST) Special Dialogue
09:15am – 09:40am (CST) The International Energy Company: Strategies for the next decade
09:30am – 10:20am (CST) Agora Studios
Geothermal: Crashing the renewable energy portfolio party 09:30am – 10:20am (CST)
How Can AI Applications Keep the Grid Stabilized? 09:30am – 10:20am (CST)
09:40am – 10:20am (CST) Pathways to Net Zero in the Power Sector
10:20am – 10:55am (CST) Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector
10:30am – 11:20am (CST) Agora Studios
Loco-motion: The race to power planes, trains and trucks with hydrogen 10:30am – 11:20am (CST)
Nuclear’s Role in Achieving Net Zero 10:30am – 11:20am (CST)
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11:10am – 12:00pm (CST) Strategic Dialogues
Coal and the Atlantic Market 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
Financial Innovation’s Growing Role in Climate and Cleantech 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
Is Offshore Wind the New Juggernaut? 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
Solar Power: Maintaining the growth curve? 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
Procuring Clean Electricity At Scale 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
The Future of Nuclear Power: New technologies 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
Footprint of Big Renewables: Emerging issue 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
Connecting Renewables to the Grid 11:10am – 12:00pm (CST)
11:30am – 12:20pm (CST) Peer-to-peer Power Trading: Is it really happening?
12:15pm – 01:30pm (CST) Luncheon and Dialogue
12:30pm – 01:20pm (CST) Fusion for the Masses: Closer than you think
01:30pm – 02:20pm (CST) Long-duration Battery Storage Technology: Who is leading the charge?
01:40pm – 02:05pm (CST) Regulatory Dialogue
02:10pm – 02:50pm (CST) Plenaries
Meeting Thirst for Minerals for Clean Energy Transition 02:10pm – 02:50pm (CST)
Nuclear in a Low Carbon World 02:10pm – 02:50pm (CST)
02:30pm – 03:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Efficiencies in the Built Environment: Decarbonizing building materials and processes 02:30pm –
03:20pm (CST)
Quantum Computing: Addressing the climate imperative 02:30pm – 03:20pm (CST)
02:55pm – 03:35pm (CST) Plenaries
Power Market Design for Reliability and Resilience 02:55pm – 03:35pm (CST)
Can Clean Energy Supply Chains Meet Renewable Energy Ambitions? 02:55pm – 03:35pm (CST)
03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST) Agora Studios
Electrified Fleets: The new competitive advantage in ride-hailing 03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST)
A “Heavy” Lift: Electrifying manufacturing and industrial processes 03:30pm – 04:20pm (CST)
03:40pm – 04:20pm (CST) Plenaries
Capturing the Value in a Low-carbon Electric Power System 03:40pm – 04:20pm (CST)
Is There a Limit to Electrification? 03:40pm – 04:20pm (CST)
04:25pm – 05:05pm (CST) Plenaries
Building the Gas and Power Infrastructures for the 21st Century 04:25pm – 05:05pm (CST)
A Boom for Power Demand: Electrification, hydrogen and beyond 04:25pm – 05:05pm (CST)
05:10pm – 05:50pm (CST) Digital Frontiers for Energy Industry Innovation
05:50pm – 06:30pm (CST) Coal in the Global Energy Mix
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06:30pm – 07:30pm (CST) Conference-wide Reception
07:30pm – 09:00pm (CST) Dinner and Dialogue: The Next Technology Revolution

Friday March, 11

07:30am – 08:20am (CST) Agora Studios
Electrifying Ocean Operations: Sea floor energy systems 07:30am – 08:20am (CST)
Innovation in Plastics Recycling: Chemical vs. mechanical 07:30am – 08:20am (CST)
07:45am – 08:25am (CST) Reflections–Pace of Change: Energy, Climate and Innovation
08:25am – 09:05am (CST) Can the World Deliver Security and Sustainability?
08:30am – 09:20am (CST) Next Gen Solar: Technologies to get to the next level
09:20am – 09:50am (CST) Cities: Managing crises and the future of energy
09:30am – 10:20am (CST) Nuclear Small Modular Reactors: Advanced technology leading to new interest
09:50am – 10:15am (CST) Leadership Dialogue
10:15am – 10:55am (CST) Electrifying Net Zero Ambition
10:30am – 11:20am (CST) Battery Tech of the Future: What will beat out LiOn?
10:55am – 11:20am (CST) What’s Ahead in Washington?
11:30am – 12:20pm (CST) Creating Value from CO2: Synthetic fuels and building materials
11:30am – 11:55am (CST) Leadership Dialogue
11:55am – 12:30pm (CST) How to Think about the Energy Transition
12:30pm – 01:05pm (CST) Will Energy Innovation Deliver?
01:05pm – 01:15pm (CST) Concluding Thoughts
01:15pm – 02:00pm (CST) Networking Lunch

CERAWeek 2022 Themes

More Energy, Lower Emissions

What are the fundamental shifts needed in investment, regulatory policy, and technology? How will the industry respond to the challenge of helping achieve COP26 commitments to net-zero emissions? How will the industry continue to invest in the supplies needed to meet the energy needs driven by post-pandemic economic growth, while meeting low-carbon objectives?

Competitive Landscape and Energy Transition

What strategies are being adopted and how will environmental imperatives alter the competitive playing field and structure of the energy industry? What are the fuels of the future and how will centers of production and demand evolve? Will natural gas be a bridge fuel or a casualty of the energy transition?

Geopolitics and Energy Markets

Recent election outcomes, the pandemic, growing nationalism, cross-border carbon taxes, and trade friction all create considerable risks and uncertainties for global energy. What is the emerging new map of geopolitics? The US–China relationship, central to the global economy, remains tense. How will growing rifts impact energy trade, risk management, and capital flows?

Supply Chains

The post-pandemic economic recovery, combined with the requirements of scaling renewables and emerging net-zero technologies, are placing great focus on supply chains. How will supply chains adjust and scale, and what are the risks of disruption?

Financing the Energy Future: The capital transition

Recalibrating the world’s energy system to meet net-zero targets and to ensure energy production will meet demand will require trillions of dollars of investment. These investment needs come as the global economy faces a fragile post-pandemic recovery and ESG demands are growing. How will investors navigate these risks and opportunities?

Workforce of the Future: Fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and next generation skills

Attracting and retaining talent will be a critical source of competitive advantage. What skills are needed for the energy industry of the future? How can the industry attract next-generation workers? How can industry remain in-step with society’s evolving values on ESG, race, diversity, and inclusion?

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