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GPA Midstream Midcontinent Spring Golf Tournament April 18th – Oklahoma

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Midcon GPA Midstream Golf Tournament

SAVE THE DATE For the GPA Midstream Midcon Spring Golf Tournament.

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 at The Patriot Golf Club in Owasso, OK

This tournament is expected to be one of our most popular events of the year! Don’t miss the chance to network and feature your company as a supporter of MCGPA Midstream and the Oil & Gas Industry with one of the new, highly visible sponsorships.

Spring 2023 Details & Pricing

When: Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Where: Patriot Golf Club, 5790 N. Patriot Dr. Owasso, OK 74055

Registration: Starts at 7:30am

Start Time: Shotgun start at 9:00am (players need to be in or around their carts 15min prior)

Cost Per Team: $1,000

Cost for an Individual: $300

(2) Mulligans: $20 per player or $80 per team

Pink Ball Competition: $100 adder – a pink ball (one max per team) will be provided, and will be rotated through shots. If lost, you’re out. If you return your ball, you are eligible for a prize.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Title Sponsor: $5,000 (1 Available)
Your company logo will be printed on all major signage and social media posts. This also includes the opportunity for a company representative to introduce themselves, hole sponsorship, and pro-shop gift cards.

Swing Diagnostic Pro Sponsor: $2,500 (1 Available)
Your company logo will be located at this station. Each player’s swing will be recorded with information on swing metrics.

Box Lunch Sponsor: At Cost (1 Available)

Breakfast Sponsor: At Cost (1 Available)

Golf Ball Sponsor: $2,000 (1 Available)
Your company logo will be printed on a pack of golf balls given to everyone playing in the tournament. There will be no charge if you supply your own company golf balls. Be prepared to provide as many as 36 dozen golf balls.

Commemorative Photo Sponsor: $1,500 (1 Available)
A picture of every team will be taken and uploaded digitally to our website. Your company logo will be displayed.

Hole-in-One Sponsorship: $1,500 (1 Available)

Drink Cart Sponsor: $1,500 (1 Available)

Pink Ball Sponsor: $1,500 (1 Available)

Cart Sponsor: $1,000 (1 Available)

Driving Range Sponsor: $1,000 (1 Available)
Your company logo will be on the driving range dividers. Come out and introduce yourself and your team while all players warm up!

Practice Putting Green Sponsor: $1,000 (1 Available)

9 Hole Flag Sponsor: $1,000 (2 Available)
Your company logo will be on every pin for 9 holes.

9 Hole Cup Sponsor: $750 (2 Available)
Your company logo will be displayed in every cup for 9 holes.

Hole Sponsorship: $750 (18 Available)
Set up your company tent on a tee box and provide swag, food, etc. This sponorship comes with a sign with your logo. Come out and enjoy the outdoors and meet some new customers!

Cart Path Sponsor: $750 (2 Available)

Bag Drop Sponsor: $500 (1 Available)

Raffle Sponsor Gold: $500 (unlimited)
Company Representative introduces their company and draws three tickets.

Raffle Sponsor Silver: $250 (unlimited)
Company Representative introduces their company and draws a ticket.

Bloody Mary Bar Sponsor: At Cost (1 Available)
Come introduce yourself and your team to everyone as they arrive. The dollar value will be determined by how many drinks are served. $500 min cost.

After Round Party Sponsor: At Cost (1 Available)
Create your own custom customer experience after the awards ceremony.

Cooker Sponsorship: At Cost (unlimited)
Bring your team and cooker, and show off your culinary skills. No sponsorship fee, cost of food provided only.


Please be advised that once you have registered for any event, we will not be able to offer refunds, as we use the proceeds from registrations for scholarships and other association activities. We would be pleased to welcome a guest in your place if you are unable to attend. Please email the Midcon GPA secretary to make any changes.

Please call Brian Leedy (405) 880-0827 or Jon Tate (918) 550-2160 if you have any questions.

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About Our Media Partner: PFS Nitrogen Services

Houston Pipeline Association Meeting

PFS Nitrogen Services

2023 Louisiana Pipeliners Fishing Rodeo

PFS Nitrogen Services

PFS’s mobile nitrogen pumping services use modern tandem trailers and bobtail pumper trucks. Operating independently from the diesel prime mover is a high-BTU heater for converting liquid nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen. A 2,000 to 3,000 -gallon vacuum-jacketed tank mounted on the truck or trailer supplies the liquid nitrogen to the cryogenic pumps.

PFS Nitrogen Service‘s mobile pumping equipment is capable of delivering gaseous nitrogen up to 8,000 psi, controlled temperatures from 35°F to 400 °F and single unit flow rates up to 740,000 scfh.

Units are outfitted with pressure and high/low temperature shut downs. Certified pressure relief valves custom set prior to each project is mounted on each system we are conducting work on to ensure over-pressurization of your equipment is not possible.

Larger liquid nitrogen requirements are transported to the pumpers by our own transport fleet and liquid can be stored on location in kings or queens depending on the project needs.

​PFS has strategic alliances with all the major liquid nitrogen providers.

Industries Served
  • Pipelines

  • Refineries

  • Chemical Plants

  • Vessels & Tanks

  • Storage Facilities

  • Power Generation plants

  • Government Agencies

  • Liquid Terminals

  • Waste Water treatment plants

  • Paper mills

  • Marine

  • Solar Farms

Product Experience
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  • Crude Oil

  • Propane

  • Y Grade

  • Ethanol

  • Gasoline

  • Jet Fuels

  • Diesel

  • Ethylene

  • Butadiene

  • Ammonia

  • Acids

  • Catalyst

  • Molten Salt

  • Coal and Coal Pellets

  • Other Refined Products, Chemicals, and Hydrocarbons

  • Purging, Inerting or Blanketing

  • Inhibitor & Cleaning Pig Runs

  • Gauge Pig Runs

  • ILI Tool Runs

  • Product Displacement

  • Pneumatic Pressure Testing

  • Accelerated Cool-down

  • Accelerated Warm-up

  • Molecular Sieve Changeouts

  • Catalyst Support

  • Freezing

  • Drying

2023 Louisiana Pipeliners Fishing Rodeo

PFS Nitrogen Services Purge Unit

Nitrogen Purge “Money Saver” Units

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