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Register Now for the GPA Midstream Rocky Mountain Chapter Q3 TRAINING FIELD TRIP – Williams Gas Plant & UE Compression Visits – Colorado

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DATE: August 30, 2023

TIME: From 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

LOCATION: Meet at 7:30 AM at UE Compression, 9461 Willow Ct, Henderson, CO 80640

The GPA will take individuals on a tour of a Williams gas plant, compressor station, and UE Compression’s manufacturing facility. The tours would provide insights into various aspects of the natural gas industry, from extraction to processing and distribution. Here’s what you might learn or see during this tour:

Gas Plant:

Gathering and Transportation: The tour will include an explanation of how gas is collected from various wells through pipelines and transported to the processing facility.
Separation: At the processing plant, you could see how the extracted gas is separated from other components like water, oil, and impurities.
Dehydration and Purification: The tour will also showcase dehydration processes that remove moisture and purification steps to eliminate impurities such as sulfur compounds.
Measurement and Monitoring: You will see equipment used for measuring the volume and quality of the processed gas to ensure it meets regulatory standards.
Compressor Station:

Gas Compression: Compressor stations are crucial for maintaining the pressure and flow of gas within pipelines. You will observe large compressors in action, increasing the pressure to keep the gas moving efficiently over long distances.
Safety Measures: Emphasize safety protocols and features in place to prevent accidents and ensure the wellbeing of workers and the surrounding environment.
Manufacturing Facility:

Equipment Fabrication: Learn about the production of various equipment used in the gas industry, such as compressors, RNG packages, pressure vessels, etc.
Quality Control: Highlight quality control processes to ensure that the manufactured equipment meets industry standards and safety regulations.
Research and Development: Showcase their efforts into developing new technologies or materials that improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of gas industry equipment.
Throughout the tour, you would likely gain an understanding of the importance of safety measures, environmental considerations, and the intricate processes involved in extracting, processing, and distributing natural gas. It would also provide insights into the broader energy sector and how various components work together to bring natural gas from its source to end-users.

PLEASE NOTE: All individuals MUST bring their own PPE, hard hat, FR clothing, steel toed boots, eye protections and ear protection. If you are needing any PPE, please email Tyler Schielke ( to coordinate allocating additional items.

Members/Non-members – $50