2023 Oil and Gas Industry Events

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2023 Oil and Gas Industry Events

The U.S. Gulf Coast has emerged as the crossroads for global LNG activity. The U.S. Gulf Coast and the Henry Hub benchmark is no longer simply a supply source – it is now the premium demand pricing point for the continent. As a result, there is worldwide interest in the dynamics of this particular region, across the entire natural gas value chain, supporting LNG. This event responds to the industry’s demand for a purpose-built venue for industry players to learn, obtain insight, network and conduct business across the entire natural gas value chain supporting global LNG activity.

Forum topics include:

  • Global LNG Market fundamentals (supply, demand, transport, price)
  • Natural gas supply sources for LNG
  • Global LNG market assessments and competing domestic U.S. markets
  • Infrastructure inventory and developments (liquefaction facilities and supporting pipelines)
  • Identification of key players: facility operators, suppliers, markets, investors
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Sales and purchase agreements anatomy and trends in commercial transactions and operations

Check out the attendee list here: https://tinyurl.com/d2rdbhuh

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2023 Oil and Gas Events New Orleans

2023 Oil and Gas Events Louisiana