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Heat Exchanger World Americas Conference & Expo 2021

December 1st and 2nd, 2021 at the LyondellBasell CPET

DAY ONE: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

10:00 AM Keynote 1 Chairman’s Welcome: Heat Exchanger Future Market – Energy Transition 2050 – Naomi Jabbari, S & B Engineers & Constructors
10:30 AM Keynote 2 New Project Development Overview – Chad Burke, Economic Alliance Houston Port Region


11:00 AM             Expo & Coffee Break

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


Bolted Joints –

Best Practices


Cleaning & Antifouling

Session Chair: Mike Prevost, Ohmstede Industrial Services


Bolted joints play a critical role for performance and safety of pressurized equipment such as heat exchangers. Despite this, many end users and maintenance technicians fail to understand how they work and how many parameters are involved in a reliable bolted assembly – amount of torque applied to nuts, nut friction, type of gasket used, the size of the studs/nuts/flanges, the type of equipment used for tightening, the calibration of the torquing equipment, flange face alignment, and torquing sequence, to name a few. In this workshop, we will explore best practices for bolted joints assemblies, the importance of training for assuring consistent torquing practices, and discuss and some root causes of joint failure.



  • Update on ASME PCC-1 (2022) – Becoming a Standard, and What This Means – Scott Hamilton, Hex Technologies


  • How to Avoid Exchanger Leaks / Bolted Flange Joint Considerations – Mike Prevost, Ohmstede Industrial Services, Inc. & Scott Hamilton, Hex Technologies


  • Demonstration on Best Practices for Bolted Joint Installation – Scott Hamilton, Hex Technologies & Joel Baulch, TEADIT
Session Chair: Roberto Tomataki, Clean as New/Becht


Fouling affects basically all types of heats exchangers in all industries. It not only hinders plant capacity and increases energy consumption, but it can also lead to mechanical failure. The costs associated with fouling are in the millions of dollars range for many businesses, mainly due to maintenance and energy losses. In this workshop, experts will discuss advances in fouling mitigation, cleaning technologies, performance monitoring, and understanding of fouling mechanisms.




  • Reduce OPEX & CAPEX in Refining Process Unit Fired Heaters & Heat Exchangers Using Tubacoat Technology – Sanjay Lodha, Tubacex


  • Using Continuous Helical Flow to Reduce Fouling – Volker Metzger, Watlow


  • ?? – Russell Philion, Orange Cleantech


 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM          Lunch


2:00 PM-4:00PM


Maintenance & Turnarounds –

Best Practices – Panel Discussion

Testing & Inspections

Session Chair: Jan Contreras, Logan Industries


Turnarounds are complex maintenance events. During some critical weeks, a plant is shutdown, and maybe thousands of workers and materials have to be coordinated into a myriad of tasks. In this workshop, we will learn how heat exchangers play a significant role in these events and how tasks involving them are commonly addressed.



Panelists to discuss case studies, possible solutions, method chosen and results.


(including: Case study: What to do, when you need to replace 631- 1” diam tubes welded to two cracked tubesheets that need to be replaced too, in only 9 days at site?)



  • Mike Prevost, Ohmstede Industrial Services, Inc.
  • Scott Hamilton, Hex Technologies


  • Joel Baulch, TEADIT


  • James Schaefer, KBR


  • Dinesh Bakshi, Brask


  • Gilbert Alonzo, Consultant


  • Paul Miller, Technip



Session Chair: James Cesarini, Pro-Surve


Testing & Inspection are part of design codes and are often supplemented by end-user requirements. They pose technological and administrative hardships on the industry and are responsible for a significant part of the cost of a new equipment. Once installed, heat exchangers also require frequent assessments to monitor remaining life. This workshop will welcome discussions related to advances in NDE techniques, new standards, and common challenges in implementing Testing & Inspection procedures.





  • Tube to Tube Sheet Volumetric Weld Inspection – Ryan King, Acuren


  • A Discussion of Technologies Used to Prevent Corrosion in Heat Exchangers – Heather Mroz, NobelCladDAY TWO: Thursday, December 2nd, 2021
    10:00 AM Keynote 3 Heat Exchangers, From Paper to Field – Naomi Jabbari, S & B Engineers & Constructors
    10:30 AM Keynote 4 Special Considerations for the Design of Heat Exchangers – Marco Fazzini, Koch Heat Transfer

    11:00 AM            Expo & Coffee Break

    11:15AM-1:15 PM


    Thermal Design


    Material Selection & Fabrication

    Session Chair: Marco Fazzini, Koch Heat Transfer


    Thermal design requires an experienced professional, adequate software tools, and thorough understanding of process conditions. For a shell and tube heat exchanger, for example, the number of possible combinations of materials, geometries, and heat transfer possibilities can baffle a newcomer to the industry. In this workshop, typical challenges in design – and in conveying design into specification – will be discussed.





    • Avoiding Vibration Problems in Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers – James Schaefer, KBR
    • Closed Loop Hybrid Cooling, Using Wet Surface Air Coolers – James Suchy, Alfa Laval


    • Liquid Entrainment in Kettle Reboiler with Asymmetrically Located Nozzles – Naomi Jabbari. P.E, S&B Engineers & Constructors
    Session Chair: Chris Grice, Ward Field Service Group


    Despite the rise of new technologies, such as 3D metal printing, the majority of heat exchangers being manufactured still relies on traditional fabrication techniques of metal forming, welding and machining.  It is critical that during the design phase, materials selection takes into account how the equipment is going to be fabricated, as some materials add more layers of complexity to fabrication more challenges than others (titanium, for example). This workshop will discuss some of typical challenges encountered by designers and fabricators, while also displaying showcases of new technologies that can help in overcoming them.



    • Performance of Semi-Metallic Gaskets with Nubbin – Robert Taylor & David Fairbanks, 3S – Superior Sealing Services LLC & Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company


    • Tube to Tubesheet Joints in Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers – Bal K. Sareen, Brask, Inc.


    • Tube Sheet Gasket Surface Machining – Chris Grice, Ward


    • Overcoming Duplex Stainless-Steel Heat Exchanger Challenges in Sour Service – Craig Thomas, NEOTISS, Inc


    • Material and Design Upgrades to Graphite Heat Exchangers – Mitch Meyers, CG Thermal


    • Additive Manufacturing for Heat Exchangers – Kevin Yap, 3D Metalforge


    1:15 PM – 2:15 PM           Lunch

Exhibitor List

       Alabama Heat Exchangers, HEW



Brismet, Bristol Metals, HEW      Clean-Co Systems, HEW

         Cust-O-Fab, HEW

   Elliott Tool Technologies, HCW    Flexitallic, HEW




                         Ohmstede, HEW


      Southern Heat Exchanger, HEW


TEADIT, HEW      Vahterus, HEW


  • TeaditOhmstedeElliott Tool Technologies
  • Ward Vessel & ExchangerFlexitallicBrask Inc.
  • Cust-O-FabDunn Heat ExchangersKOCH
  • Vahterus
  • Valve World, Valve World Americas
  • Economic Alliance
  • Inspectioneering

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