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Permian Basin International Oil Show 21

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Midstream Calendar Events Permian Basin


Tuesday, October 19th, 2021        10am – 6pm

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021    10am – 6pm

Thursday, October 21st, 2021       10am – 4pm


There is no oil and natural gas producing region in the world more dynamic than the Permian Basin. The area has been a mainstay of U.S. production since the 1920s. Every time industry experts begin to think the region has finally played out, new technology comes along, and the basin comes roaring back, bigger and better than ever.

Steadfast in nature, the Permian is an icon of optimism and perseverance, so there is no better  setting for an event dedicated to showcasing the trends and advancements that are driving the nation to record production and energy independence.

The Permian Basin International Oil Show is a three-day gathering of producers, service companies, investors and innovators, where ideas are exchanged, friendships are made and deals are born.

A biennial event since the end of World War II, the oil show has grown to represent the very fabric of a great industry. It serves as an international marketplace, where hundreds of booths and exhibitors fill the Ector County Coliseum. Whether an executive, an engineer, a geologist or an operator in the field, the Permian Basin International Oil Show has something for everyone.


Welcome to the 2021 Permian Basin International Oil Show. We are glad you are taking part in one of the oil and natural gas industry’s largest and oldest exhibitions. Over the next few days, you will have opportunities to engage with almost 800 exhibitors. You can explore over 1,100 booths set up across the Ector County Coliseum. This year’s show will highlight technological trends and innovations along with the growing call for ESG programs.

The oil show could not be held in a more iconic region than the Permian Basin. It was first explored by industry pioneers in the 1920s and has survived many cycles of booms and busts over several decades. Some industry on-lookers have diminished the Permian’s importance over the years, thinking the region’s reserves had finally been depleted, but advanced technology has revived the basin repeatedly, most recently through the application of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

Meanwhile, the oil show has grown not only in size but in importance. Having survived the booms and busts, industry slumps and slowdowns, wars and embargos, and a global pandemic, the Permian Basin International Oil Show’s success has earned it recognition as “one of the world’s largest inland petroleum expositions.” The 2021 show is no different. A severe market slump that has challenged the industry for more than two years has not weakened the industry’s spirit to adapt, survive and innovate. In light of recent challenges and the industry’s optimistic view of the future, the theme of the 2021 show is “Celebrate Our History. Embrace Our Future.”

Every other year, the oil show attracts attendees to Odessa from every facet of the industry. Leaders come from around the world to learn about the latest technology and the newest equipment. They come to reunite with old friends and to connect with new business colleagues. This worldwide event, which in 1940 was known as the “Little International Show,” lasted only two years before World War II intervened. Following the war, ambitious and energetic oilmen from around the Permian Basin revived the project. By 1950, the oil show was back up and running. Unlike many exhibitions, the Permian Basin International Oil Show is a nonprofit venture dedicated to educating both office and field professionals of the oil and natural gas industry. Run by oilmen for oilmen, the show’s mission is unwavering, and its dedication to this educational goal is the single most important factor in its overwhelming success.

The Permian Basin International Oil Show not only showcases the very latest technology, it also honors the industry’s past. A working cable tool rig operates daily on the show grounds, surrounded by trucks and oil field equipment from the 1930s, which was a key growth period for the Permian Basin.

As in years past, attendance is limited to industry professionals for all three days of the exhibition. From Oct. 19 through Oct. 21, the oil show is a huge marketplace and international convention with something for everyone, whether they are engineers and geologists working at corporate headquarters or they are lease operators in the field.

The 2021 oil show is more diverse and exciting than ever, and all in attendance will agree that what started in 1940 with 35 exhibitors continues to grow, reflecting the spirit of a resilient industry in one of the world’s most resilient producing regions – the Permian Basin. We are glad you are here.

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