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PRCI 2022 Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Summit Oct 11, 12 – Houston

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2022 PRCI NDE Summit



PRCI will host a Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 11-12, 2022 at the Technology Development Center (TDC) in Houston, TX.

This two day event will build upon the 2019 PRCI NDE Day, which allowed PRCI to perform benchmarking with different technologies and their applications for different threats. We expect to further increase our competencies in:

  • how we procure NDE services,
  • how NDT devices are manufactured to serve pipeline-specific needs,
  • how NDT equipment is calibrated to the pipe and anomalies of interest,
  • how we communicate between ILI vendors and NDE service providers,
  • how we record and communicate NDE data from the ditch to the desk, and
  • how we go about training and qualification of our service providers.

Continued collaboration will lead to increasingly relevant and innovative solutions for continuous improvement to the safety and integrity of pipelines.

Join representatives from the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing and the American Petroleum Institute as well as knowledge transfer experts performing assessments of knowledge transfer within the industry.

Agenda topics include:

  • Keys for successful NDE of hook cracks: PRCI Project NDE-4-12 project review
  • Operator/Original Equipment Manufacturer collaboration for field success – eddy current
  • Operator/Original Equipment Manufacturer collaboration for field success – phased array ultrasonics
  • Updates on X-ray computed tomography development
  • Human factors component to NDE
  • Teaching, training, and certification
  • Demonstrations of current technology

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