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Register here for the PRCI 2024 Research Exchange (REX 2024) Feb 27, 28, 2024

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In the heart of San Diego, California, February 2024, over 300 visionary minds from across the globe will come together. Gathered with a shared mission, we will advance our collective commitment to innovate for the security of our energy future. The PRCI Research Exchange 2024 will shine a spotlight on the transformative power of collaboration in times of transition.

With governments and communities increasingly scrutinizing fossil fuels, the world stands at a crossroads, and our pipeline assets face unprecedented challenges. Yet, as a resilient industry, we embrace this pivotal moment as an opportunity for reinvention and growth. The pressing needs to reduce emissions and transition to emerging fuels propel us forward, serving as a catalyst for innovation. With integrity and adaptability as our guideposts, we are proudly steering our industry towards a sustainable future.

This event is not just a conference; it’s a testament to the unwavering commitment of engineers and researchers worldwide who work tirelessly to fortify the sustainability of the energy infrastructure. In this dynamic gathering, we celebrate the creative spirit that fuels our endeavors and unites our global community of technical practitioners. Together, we will not only protect the public and the environment, but also shape a future where collaboration and innovation are the driving forces behind our secure energy future.

The Research Exchange Meeting (REX) is scheduled each year to provide PRCI member companies, our key research partners, and external stakeholders with a report on important research results and provide a forum for an exchange of ideas. This event is the key knowledge transfer window for PRCI and will provide the attendees an opportunity to learn how to move the results into practice.