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Energy Innovations: Rockies & West – Denver, CO – In Person – August 15-17, 2022 — Westin Denver Downtown

About the Energy Innovations: Rockies & West

Energy Innovations” is the focus of this year’s 18th annual LDC Gas Forums Rockies and West. This is the premier event where 250+ industry professionals convene in Denver in August to network, conduct deal-making, and assess/analyze the West U.S.A. natural gas market via industry expert presentations, Q & A and follow-on discussion. The primary theme for discussion is initiatives paving the way for transition of the market to lower carbon content (renewable fuels, hydrogen, ammonia, carbon capture and sequestration, etc.). Additional standard LDC Gas Forum topics include midstream project updates, virtual pipeline initiatives, producer capabilities, marketer perspectives, and LDC/end user expectations, in addition to market fundamentals analysis.

YOU: You should attend this forum if…
…you are with a utility. These are your peers!
…you are an end user. Meet current & potential new suppliers!
…you are a marketer. Meet current & potential new suppliers and markets!
…you are a processor. Meet current & potential markets, producers and pipelines!
…you are a producer. Meet current & potential markets, marketers and pipelines!
…you are a vendor. This is where your customers will be!

Discussion Topics at the Energy Innovations: Rockies & West Forum:
Energy Transition
Innovations to advance lower-carbon energy alternatives
Lower-carbon energy: RSG; RNG; LNG; H2; ammonia; renewables; etc.
-3rd party certification of carbon footprint; greenwashing
-Carbon Capture & Sequestrations (CC&S) Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)
-Linkage to infrastructure Practical responses to policy initiatives
-LNG Exports in the West, Gulf Coast and East
-Economic considerations

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