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Register Now for the 2023 Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners Sporting Clays Tournament Sept 29th – Midland

This Event Reminder and Save the Date is Sponsored by:

Permian Basin Pipeliners Association Sporting Clay Shoot 2023

13301 FM 1379, Midland, TX 79706

a. Platinum Sponsor (Includes team) – $5,000.00
Includes one team of four shooters, logo on all team photos given to shooters (electronically), station sponsor, logo on main banner, breakfast and dinner.
aa. Clay Thrower Raffle Sponsor (comes with a team) – $5,000.00
Your logo will be placed on the sign that says “buy me” and posted on social media every time we promote the clay thrower. We will announce that the clay thrower was donated by your company, too, when the award is made.
b. Gold Sponsor (Includes team) – $3,000.00
Includes team of 4 shooters, carts, logo on all score cards, logo on main banner, shoutout on LinkedIn, breakfast and lunch.
c. Silver sponsor (Includes team) – $2,000.00
Includes one team of 4 shooters, carts, a shoutout on the PBAP LinkedIn page with your logo, breakfast and lunch.
d. Station Sponsor – $1,000.00
Set up your tent outside the clubhouse to meet all shooters and hand out promotional items. Includes your logo on a station, breakfast, lunch.
e. Cooking Team – $200.00
Set up your cooking rig and tent outside the clubhouse to meet all shooters. You can provide breakfast and/or lunch, and your company will be announced at both. Amount and kind of food will be coordinated with Shelby 432-557-7454.
f. Team of Four Shooters (no carts) – $800.00
Includes one team of four, breakfast and lunch for 4 shooters. Carts and ammo not included.
g. Team of Four Shooters (with carts) – $1,000.00
Includes one team of four, two 2-man golf carts, breakfast and lunch for 4 shooters. Ammo not included.
h. Cart Rentals Only – $75.00
(1) two-seater golf carts for networking purposes
i. Gun Board Sponsor – $500.00
I will put your logo big and bold at the top of one of our gun boards that everyone will see during registration and ceremony.
j. Single shooter – $200.00
vendors & volunteers

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