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Register Now for the ISM Houston Professional Development Meeting January 9, 2024 – Economic Outlook – Houston

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Tuesday – January 9th – Norris Conference Centers – CityCentre – 6 p.m.

Our distinguished presenters will provide a data driven outlook for Houston Supply Chains and the broader area economy in the new year!

Patrick Jankowski, Chief Economist and Senior Vice  President, Greater Houston Partnership
James Rosemond, ISM-Houston Past President – Houston Business Reports
A buffet-style dining will be available for all attendees. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or requests two weeks prior to the event date. We will make every effort to accommodate.

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Meet the Presenter:
Patrick Jankowski is the Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Economist at the Greater Houston Partnership. He oversees the research department which provides information gathering, data analysis and economic forecasting for the Partnership’s ten divisions.

Prior to working as an economist, Jankowski worked as a business writer for Houston Magazine, Houston City Magazine, Houston Engineer and Houston Business Journal. The fact that three of those four publications are no longer in business is not a reflection on his ability as a writer.

Mr. Jankowski is a frequent speaker on business and economic issues and has served as an expert witness in cases regarding local business trends. The fact that three of the four clients he worked for in the past ten years are no longer in business is not a reflection on his ability as an economist.

Jankowski is a past board member of the National Association for the Business Economics, the NABE Foundation, The Houston Economics Club, and the Council for Community and Economic Research. The fact that he’s held leadership roles in so many research organizations indicate he’s a nerd.

Jankowski received his economics degree from the University of Texas at Austin, which makes for interesting family gatherings. His son and eldest daughter graduated from Texas A&M. “I always remind my children, ‘They may get their education from Texas A&M, but it’s paid for by my UT degree.’ His youngest daughter wisely decided to attend Texas State University in San Marcos.

Jankowski has worked for the Greater Houston Partnership, and its predecessor, the Houston Chamber of Commerce, for 40 years. That would be a record for most employees. He’s also been married to Olga Jankowski for 41 years, which is a record for most marriages. Both have been wonderful experiences