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Register Here for The Coalition of Renewable Natural Gas RNG Summit May 17-May19th – Houston

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Tuesday, May 17
2:00 PM – Tour Morrow Energy’s Blue Ridge RNG Facility; Registration required; Participants will return in time for evening reception.

5:00 PM – Enjoy hosted bar & appetizers from 5-7pm with fellow RNG Coalition members & industry colleagues at Le Méridien.

Wednesday, May 18
9:00 AM – Closed Session: Sustainability LAB Meeting (Members-Only)

10:30 AM – Closed Session: Advocacy LAB Meeting (Members-Only)

12:00 PM – Registration, Check-in & Refreshments; Refreshments available from 12-1pm, sponsored by Mustang Sampling.

1:00 PM – Opening Welcome & Remarks // Speaker: Johannes Escudero, Founder & CEO (RNG Coalition)

1:10 PM – RNG by the Numbers // Speaker: Vincent Morales, Manager of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs (RNG Coalition)

1:30 PM – SEC’s Proposed New Rules on Climate-Related Disclosures // Speaker: David McCullough, Partner (Eversheds Sutherland)

2:00 PM – Environmental Attributes in NAESB // Speakers: David Cox, Board Member (NAESB), Doug Lamb, Partner (McGuireWoods), Keri Richardson-Bevel, Senior Vice President (Element Markets)

2:30 PM – Infrastructure & USDA Funding Opportunities // Speakers: Anne Steckel, Senior Consultant (RNG Coalition), Mark Riedy, Partner (Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton)

3:00 PM – Federal Budget & Tax Credit Proposals // Speakers: Manning Feraci, Senior Consultant (RNG Coalition), Timothy Urban, Senior Principal (Bracewell)

3:30 PM – RFS RIN Market // Speakers: Larry Schafer, Senior Consultant (RNG Coalition), Tyler Henn, VP & General Manager (Clean Energy Renewables), Harrison Clay, Head of Biogas, Energy Transition (Mercuria Energy America)

4:00 PM – RNG for Sustainability: Current Status // Speakers: Sam Lehr, Manager of Sustainability & Markets Policy (RNG Coalition), Ken Nelson, Board Member (M-RETS), Michael Leschke, Director of Certification Programs (CRS),

4:20 PM – RNG for Sustainability: A Vision of the Future // Speaker: Randy Lack, Founder & Co-President (Element Markets)

4:50 PM – Closing Remarks

5:00 PM EVENING RECEPTION; Enjoy hosted bar & appetizers from 5-7pm with fellow RNG Coalition members & industry colleagues, sponsored by Archaea Energy, Morrow Energy and WM; co-sponsored by ANGI Energy Systems, Constellation, EcoEngineers and Montauk Renewables

Thursday, May 19
9:00 AM – Closed Session: Education LAB Meeting (Members-Only)

10:30 AM – Closed Session: Development LAB Meeting (Members-Only)

12:00 PM – Registration, Check-in & Refreshments; Refreshments available from 12-1pm, sponsored by Mustang Sampling

1:00 PM – Opening Remarks

1:05 PM – How to Answer Tough Questions About RNG // Moderator: Lesley Dalton, Director of Communications & Marketing (RNG Coalition); Speakers: Johannes Escudero, Founder & CEO (RNG Coalition), David Cox, Founder & CFO (RNG Coalition)

1:30 PM – LCFS; Markets & Environmental Justice Petition // Speaker: Sam Wade, Director of Public Policy (RNG Coalition)

2:00 PM – Legislation: Landscape & Priorities // Speakers: Patrick Henning, Director of Legislative Advocacy (RNG Coalition), Dana Adams, Manager of Legislative Policy (RNG Coalition)

2:30 PM – Renewable Gas Standards: CA, BC, NH, OR’; Speakers: Sam Lehr, Manager of Sustainability & Markets Policy (RNG Coalition)

3:00 PM – Texas: Policy Issues Impacting RNG // Speakers: Kate Zaykowski, Vice President of Strategic Communications (McGuireWoods Consulting), Ryan Bernstein, Senior Vice President of Federal Public Affairs (McGuireWoods Consulting)

3:30 PM – Methane: Accounting Using Science-Based Standards // Speaker: Tatjana Vujic, Associate Professor of the Practice, Environmental Sciences & Policy Division (Duke University)

4:00 PM – National Grid’s Commitment to Fossil Free Gas by 2050 // Speaker: Don Chahbazpour, Director, Policy & regulatory Strategy – Future of Heat (NationalGrid)

4:30 PM – Closing Remarks

5:00 PM EVENING RECEPTION; Enjoy hosted bar & appetizers from 5-7pm with fellow RNG Coalition members & industry colleagues at WM’s headquarters, sponsored by WM.

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2023 RNG Summit coming to Houston May 16-18

RNG SUMMIT 2023 -The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition)