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The 24th World Petroleum Congress 2023 on Sept 17th-21st “Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero” – Calgary, Canada

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Join the conversation on the Path to Net Zero in Calgary this September Join us for an extraordinary gathering that will shape the energy industry’s future. The Technical Programme of the 24th World Petroleum Congress boasts over 200 expert speakers representing 30 countries from leading energy companies, including Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, PetroChina, Suncor, PTAC, Alberta Energy Regulator and more.

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Themed, “Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero” the four blocks cover crucial aspects of the industry shedding light on Exploration and Production, Refining, Petrochemicals and Products, Gas and Transportation, and Leadership. In addition, the 17 Forums are lined up to showcase groundbreaking technologies and technical expertise fostering knowledge exchange. Together, we will create momentum for a global energy system that addresses social, environmental, and economic challenges.

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Forum Chair

Chi-Tak Yee, Chief Technology Officer (Retd.), MEG Energy, Canada

Vice Chairs

Dr. Heloisa Borges Esteves, Director, Energy Research Office, Brazil

Prof. Lirong Dou, Executive Vice President, CNPC Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, China

Paper Selection

  • Converting Minimally Prepared Waste to Syngas, Hydrogen, RNG, and Liquid Fuels Using Modular Plants
    Marc Bacon, President and COO, OMNI Conversion Technologies, Canada
  • The Research, Development, and Application of Key Geophysical Technologies for Unconventional Shale Oil & Gas
    Kai Xu, Senior Engineer, Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute, China
  • Seismic Exploration Challenge for the Unconsolidated Biogenic Gas Reservoir, Offshore Japan
    Fuminori Honda, Manager, Exploration & Development Department, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd., Japan
  • Margarita 10: Drilling Strategy of the Fastest Well in the Bolivian Subandean Region
    Mario Bertarelli, Eagleford D&C Manager, N. American Unconventionals, USA

Poster Selection

  • New Canadian Oil & Gas Supply – A Key Component of Energy Transition
    Dr. Brad Hayes, President, Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd., Canada
  • Real-Time Steam Front Identification Method Applied Successfully in Superheated Steam Flooding Pilot of Bohai Bay
    Guangming Pan, Reservoir Engineer, CNOOC, China
  • Successful Completion of Jurassic Gas Data Integration and Analytics Dashboard, Workflow Automation, and ore-to-process Implementation
    Moudi Fahad Al-Ajmi, Manager Gas Fields Development Group, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait
  • Liquid Hydrogen Production Associated with Qatar Natural Gas Production
    Maryam Al-Kaabi, Lab Quality Specialist, Qatar Gas Operating Company Ltd., Qatar
  • Enabling Enhanced-geothermal-systems, a Sustainable Energy Source: Designing Corrosion Resistant Nano-composite Tubing with Near-Zero Thermal Conductivity
    Dr. Kamel Ben Naceur, SPE President, SPE, USA
  • Deep Shale Gas in China: Resource Exploration and Development Practice
    Hongyan Wang, Director, PetroChina Research Institute, China
  • Collaborative Technology of Oil Reservoir Underground Gas-Oil Storage Construction and Enhance Oil Recovery
    Jinfang Wang, Senior Engineer, RIPED, CNPC, China

Mechanical Joint for Liquid Hydrocarbon Pipeline
Abdullah Alsultan, Maintenance Engineer, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

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