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Gulf Coast Gas Measurement Society Monthly Meeting – Houston

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Purpose of the Society

The purpose of the Society is the advancement of gas measurement for the mutual benefit of the members, industry, and the Society. It is the goal of the Society to inform, educate, and discuss industry concerns, trends, developments, or changes with our members through monthly social luncheons and industry specific presentations in which open dialogue and questions are encouraged.

History of the Society

The Gulf Coast Gas Measurement Society(GCGMS) was formed in Houston, Texas and has been supporting gas measurement and professionals in the Gulf Coast region since 1963. All members are actively engaged in natural gas measurement work ranging from design, operation, engineering, maintenance of gas measurement equipment and verification of measurement data, to the sale of equipment, materials, or services for gas measurement.

Educational Scholarships

GCGMS has a history of awarding scholarships each year to deserving young men and women pursuing higher education.The Society sponsors an annual college scholarship fundraising golf tournament and, on occasion, other select fundraising events. It is because of the generosity of our members that we are able to provide this opportunity to these young men and women.Follow and Subscribe to MidstreamCalendar.com for upcoming industry events. Midstream Calendar was created to help synchronize the industry by providing a free lookahead for key industry events across the country. We focus on non-profit support, community, and industry specific trade shows and conferences for refining plants, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, terminals, storage facilities, LNG plants, syngas, and bio mass.




2022 Gulf Coast Measurement Society Meetings

Gulf Coast Measurement Society Monthly Meeting 8/22 – Houston